Exceptional performance is based on the right balance.

We make it happen.

We ensure that our employees have a good work-life balance. Of course, we work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers. However, the project business also gives us the necessary flexibility to balance work and leisure. Downtime for family and personal development is also feasible. How do we manage the balance? We respect each colleagues’ schedule, ensure that the workload isn’t prevalent and address any imbalances in the work-life-balance as soon as possible. Mentors play a key role in this.

Join us!

Consulting requires continuous attention and a rapid reaction capacity. As consultants, we set high expectations for ourselves and are always striving for excellence. At Envolved, we work hard but at the same time we ensure a balance between professional and private life. Our values, such as "stronger as a team" and "honest and fair" underline our desire for the right work-life balance. Our consultants support each other throughout projects, which are often characterized by narrow time windows, and enjoy their work!